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26-40 Weeks You are about to meet your baby

Should I breastfeed? Is natural birth frightening? Will I lose weight after giving birth? Can I take care of my baby properly? As the due date approaches, anxiety intensifies, and my motivation wanes. Entering the third trimester, these concerns become more prominent.


In the third trimester, it is the period of most significant weight gain, and the growing fetus can exert pressure on the mother's bladder and intestines. This can lead to difficulties in turning over during sleep and increased frequency of urination, impacting sleep quality. Weeks 38-40 of pregnancy mark the full-term period, and it's the time when a healthy baby can arrive at any moment. Learning breathing techniques and engaging in moderate exercise can help facilitate a smoother labor process.


As the developmental stage progresses to the respiratory system, the baby begins practicing breathing, and there is rapid weight gain. Both the external appearance and internal functions gradually mature, and the baby now has the ability to survive independently outside the mother's body. The baby's body is covered with vernix, especially in the armpits and groin, and the lanugo has completely disappeared.

Maternity Seamless Bras

Maternity bras with seamless high elasticity fabric, meeting the needs of each stage, and offering both breastfeeding functionality and a stylish design.

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Maternity & Nursing Pyjamas

Comfortable homewear, with a material that doesn't constrict the belly.

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Maternity Support Belt

Support your growing baby bump and back, alleviating discomfort from a large belly and providing greater mobility.

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Moon Pillow

Supports the belly, remains cool, retains its shape, versatile for various uses, ensuring a good night's sleep.

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Hospital Bag

Hospital bag checklist: Disposable underwear, instant dry nursing pads, ultra-soft baby wipes, bed pad liner.

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Postnatal Belly Band

Helps the uterus contract, promoting postpartum recovery and get back in shape soon.

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Advanced Stretch Mark Oil

A belly oil that offers aromatic stress relief, locks in moisture, and nourishes the underlying skin, preparing restorative energy for the expanding baby bump.

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