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Temperature Regulation / Antibacterial / Mite-Proof

Detachable Sleeping Bag Set


Portable Mattress with 3-layer structure

(1) Interior 3D air cushion

Featuring the unique 3D-mesh technology, all the heat and moisture will be effectively managed through the excellent air circulation.

(2)Medical grade non-toxic foam

Plasticiser free, passed SGS 191 toxicity test and EU REACH SVHC test for Anti-E. coli and Staphylococcus Aureus to enhance overall protection. Breathable, Moisture-wicking, Non-sweaty!

(3)Premium TENCEL™ + Cell Solution® + Smartcel™

Integrated with skin-touch TENCEL™ Lyocell, temperature regulating Cell Solution® and smartcel™ sensitive antibacterial fibers to reduce overheating and sweating, giving your baby ultimate comfort in any season.

Antibacterial and Mite-Proof, the Ideal Quilt to Manage Temperature and Humidity

The Nano Temperature Balanced Quilt - Keep you cool in summer without warming up; warms up quickly in winter without the need for an additional quilt. A smart quilt that you can feel the difference with just one cover!. It can serve as a soothing blanket for newborns and accompany them to school as they grow. 10 sets of safety buttons on both sides can be combined with a portable mattress to create the most comfortable, non-sweat sleeping bag!

Detachable Sleeping Bag Set
Detachable Sleeping Bag Set
Detachable Sleeping Bag Set

Assemble Sleeping Bag With Summer Quilt. Multi-functional, High Cost-Performance Value

Portable mat with 10 safety buttons on each side, Securely attach the quilt on both sides, and on the top, two safety buttons can secure the pillowcase. As your baby grows, you can assemble it according to different stages, making each piece durable and versatile for long-term use.

Analyzing Traditional Children's Sleeping Bags

Detachable Sleeping Bag Set

Using a quilt as a mattress lacks true resilience and pressure relief.

Traditional children's sleeping bags involve folding a large quilt into a cocoon-like shape, resembling a sleeping bag. While the quilt provides warmth, it lacks the ability to rebound and relieve pressure effectively.

Heat-Trapping Sleeping Bag

Traditional quilt materials often use polyester fiber filling, continuously trapping heat and warming up. For active children with high body temperatures, sleeping in a sleeping bag where their feet can't extend often leads to waking up drenched in sweat.

Detachable Sleeping Bag Set


The principle of anti-mite is to use the bedding cloth which is knitted very densely to block the mites from travelling through, and it is also relatively impermeable to the air at the same time! When the whole sleeping bag is so airtight, it will be more likely to become a breeding ground for mites.

Detachable Sleeping Bag Set

Important Reminder:

Since your child may use sleeping bag for a long time, moms should carefully choose the material and quality! Make sure it can be machine washed as regular washing is necessary to truly resist bacteria and dust mites.