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0-3 Months
Provide a sense of security to your newborn

Leaving the familiar and warm womb environment, babies can easily become startled, with their hands grasping at the air. Swaddling helps stabilize the baby, extending the developmental processes initiated in the maternal womb, serving important functions.


Finally delivered your baby but facing insomnia? Don't worry! Mom and baby's needs are well-coordinated. Segmental sleep adds up to the total hours, and the sleep quality may even improve. Learn the time-saving technique of lying down while feeding. Breastfeeding and newborn care can be managed through learning and utilizing tools. As long as the baby eats well and sleeps well, mom can stay away from postpartum blues!


In the cycle of eating and sleeping, the baby's weight gain is crucial, and sleep is a key factor. During the postpartum period, swaddling is necessary for a baby's stable sleep. A quick response to the baby's feeding and cuddling needs helps cultivate a highly stable baby. If you learn to use a baby sling, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to take care of your baby!

Crossover Bras

Breastfeeding in one-second made easy with convenient and frequently adhering instant dry nursing pads, away from getting cold during breastfeeding.

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Maternity & Nursing Pyjamas

Comfortable homewear, with a material that doesn't constrict the belly.

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Breast Pump

With Far Infrared (Fir) Radiant Technology, Mamaway breast pump promotes blood circulation and increases milk flow.

Breast Milk Storage Bag

Easy-to-use bags for convenient freezing and storing of expressed breast milk.

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Moon Pillow

Multi-functional pillow that supports the belly and serves as a helpful aid for breastfeeding, preventing strain on mummy wrists.

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Finnish Baby Box

Originating from Finland, the portable crib is a convenient and cost-effective solution for caring for the baby, providing safety and ease.

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Newborn Clothing

Newborn bodysuits ensure that the baby stays warm, and the cuffs have extra pieces that can be turned into gloves.

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Cocoon Swaddle

Swaddling increases the baby's sense of security, promotes better sleep, enhances the baby's posture, and makes it easier to hold.

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Baby Sling

A wrapped cloth around the body, simulating the womb, promoting external maturation, and soothing the baby to sleep.

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Wash & Care

Bath and moisturizing solution, providing invisible protection for baby's skin, with neutral pH, gentle and skin-friendly, and plant-derived sensitivity care to create strong protective effects.

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Advanced Stretch Mark Oil

A belly oil that offers aromatic stress relief, locks in moisture, and nourishes the underlying skin, preparing restorative energy for the expanding baby bump.

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