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14-25 weeks You may notice your body change

Expectant mothers often experience an improved appetite, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a balanced diet and timely nutritional supplementation. They begin to delve into prenatal and parenting knowledge, addressing crucial prenatal check-ups during this trimester.


As the discomfort from earlier stages of pregnancy gradually diminishes, and a sense of comfort sets in, the mid-pregnancy phase sees an accelerated growth of the baby. The belly becomes noticeably prominent, signaling the time to switch to maternity underwear and bottoms. Additionally, due to the baby's growth, the underbust measurement increases, prompting a consideration to shift from shapewear-focused lingerie to specialized maternity and nursing bras that prioritize comfort.


During this stage, the fetus stabilizes, and there is rapid weight gain. Each week witnesses progress in the development of internal organs and systems in various parts of the baby's body. Around 20 weeks, it becomes possible to determine the baby's gender, and distinct fetal movements can be felt. Regular prenatal check-ups are crucial during this time to ensure the health and well-being of the baby.

Maternity Tops

Pregnancy and nursing tops that accommodates your baby bump, facilitates breastfeeding on the go postpartum, and is designed for easy styling.

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Maternity Pants

Maternity panties with belly hugging panel, comfortable to wear throughout all stages of pregnancy and suitable for postpartum use as well.

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Maternity Seamless Bras

Maternity bras with seamless high elasticity fabric, meeting the needs of each stage, and offering both breastfeeding functionality and a stylish design.

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Maternity Briefs

Maternity underwears which do not constrict your waist and thighs, provide antibacterial comfort during pregnancy.

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Maternity Support Belt

Support your growing baby bump and back, alleviating discomfort from a large belly and providing greater mobility.

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Advanced Stretch Mark Oil

A belly oil that offers aromatic stress relief, locks in moisture, and nourishes the underlying skin, preparing restorative energy for the expanding baby bump.

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