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7-12 Months Your baby is growing teeth!

As teething begins, a baby may go through a period of nursing strike. During teething, there is increased drooling, and the baby may have a preference for putting hands or objects in their mouth for biting. The composition of breast milk automatically adjusts with the baby's age. Introducing solid foods can start during this time, helping train the baby to gradually accept solid foods.


As mums return to the workplace, establishing a routine for expressing milk or breastfeeding at work allows them to successfully continue breastfeeding up to 2 years, and it becomes increasingly easier over time! For mums who take care of their children themselves, despite having more time to prepare supplementary food for their little ones.


At 6-7 months, babies can sit steadily on their own. By 8-9 months, when they grab onto objects, they may pull themselves up to stand. Teething often accompanies gum pain and swelling, leading to fussiness and disrupted sleep. The patience and soothing efforts of new parents help babies navigate through the discomfort of teething!

Nursing Seamless Bra

Designed specifically for the later stages of breastfeeding, offering stable support to maintain the perfect breast shape.

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Nursing Tops

Discreet nursing access, providing a convenient solution for feeding on the go without the need to search for dedicated nursing rooms.

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Baby Carrier

A baby carrier designed based on the principles of ring slings, ensuring complete hip and leg support for the baby. It has received certification from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI), protecting the wearer from fatigue during extended use.

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Carry All Nappy Backpack

Large capacity nappy backpack with multiple organized pockets, making it easy to find things and serving as a helpful companion for moms on the go.

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Baby Bodysuit

Bodysuits with snap button that prevents colds, with vertical elasticity that avoids tightness, and shoulder straps that stay securely in place after multiple washes.

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Pram liner

Heat-resistant, breathable, and moisture-absorbing, keeping the baby dry and comfortable even on hot days.

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Antibacterial Spray

Antibacterial spray with a pH of 5.0, gentle and safe for pregnant women and infants, non-toxic. It effectively kills bacteria in 30 seconds, as confirmed by the US EPA, providing long-lasting protection.

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Advanced Stretch Mark Oil

A belly oil that offers aromatic stress relief, locks in moisture, and nourishes the underlying skin, preparing restorative energy for the expanding baby bump.

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